Jena Paice

I am an organic farmer on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the beautiful region in which I was born and raised, and the place I chose to raise my own family. I am a single mother to three daughters, who continually inspire me to grow, learn, and challenge myself to achieve the goals and truths to which I truly aspire.

I have always had an innate draw towards the earth and the environment, and a special relationship with the nature and beauty around me. For me, growing and farming has always seemed like the most seamless union of career and passion.

It is my absolute and unyielding belief that everyone should have access to fresh, organic food — and to have knowledge about its origin.

Farming for 20 years

For the last 20 years I have had the fortune of learning and practicing the art and science of organic farming. From a career as a master gardener on private estates to becoming the manager of a local certified organic farm, I have learned the skills of vegetable and fruit production as well as animal husbandry. Within these roles I have organized farmers markets and CSAs, which ignited and unified another passion: to share my organic farming with the community by means of accessibility and education.

A year ago I founded a youth farming program for the surrounding schools, and continued to help run my town’s farmers market.

Where my food goes:

Spirit Grower serves my local farmers market from April through October. In order to continue to provide fresh organic produce to my local community in the off season, I also run my own smaller market in the heart of St. Michael’s. In addition, I sell produce to local restaurants and grocery stores, and I provide and ongoing CSA to the Inn at Wades Point in McDaniel’s, Maryland. Some other customers include the Perry Cabin Inn of St. Michael’s MD; Bartlett Pear and Market in Easton, MD; Out of the Fire of Easton, MD; Gina’s of St. Michael’s, MD; Eat Sprout, and Chesapeake Harvest.